PROJECT 1 - Lucid

My publication “Lucid” was created for an editorial class. Throughout the semester, I learned the steps of creating publications and the process of sending them to print. By studying the design of other publications and diving deep into layouts, I was able to come up with my own idea and dream it to fruition.

Lucid is a publication about dreams. How to dream, why we dream, dissecting dreams in a classic Freudian manner, as well as accepting readers' dreams for content.

I used a two-column layout for each article, centered text for each article's title page along with an image, and a full spread with irregularly placed text for the dream submissions.There is a few full spread pages with dreamlike imagery to further break up the heavy text. 


Along with the publication, I designed a few wire frames for an accompanying app. This app would act as a dream log for readers with guided meditations, sleep tracking, and dream submissions.

PROJECT 2 -Tiny Organics Quarterly Magazine

As the lead designer for Tiny Organics, I  lead the production of all printed collateral including a quarterly magazine, tri-folds, recipe booklets, business cards, and brand collaborations. The first edition of the Tiny O quarterly magazine was created in December 2019 and had consistent releases for each quarter into 2022. My favorite part of this project was collaborating with my team on design inspiration and brainstorming ideas for content.

This is the first issue of the Tiny Organics quarterly magazine. Each quarter follows a similar layout and design with updated imagery and content. Showcasing seasonal recipes, a team feature page, and even baby zodiacs! This project had me working across teams regularly as I coordinated each edition from choosing the seasonal spotlight to sending email blasts for the Tiny Team feature.